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New Player Clinic


Learn to play the fastest growing sport in the US at our 2022 New Player Clinic on September 11th at Paul Goode Field in the Presidio. This free program is for boys and girls grades 1st - 8th who are interested in learning the fundamentals of lacrosse! Players will receive hands-on instruction and participate in skill building drills and games. We cannot wait to see you on the field!

Boys & Girls Grades 1st-8th

Date:  Sunday: Sept 11th


Girls & Boys (K-4th): 9:00 am - 10:15am

Girls & Boys (5th - 8th): 10:30am - noon


Paul Goode Field (in the Presidio)


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The only equipment required for the New Player Clinic is a lacrosse stick.  If you want to purchase a stick for your child, please visit SlingIt lacrosse, and please make sure to specify whether you need a boys or girls stick:  We will also provide as many loaner sticks as possible.

Please email if you have questions. 



Attackmen generally stay on the offensive half of the field. They play closer to the lacrosse goal and are covered by the opposing team's long pole defensemen.


Midfielders play both offense and defense. Endurance, stick work and athleticism are key attributes. They are the only three players who are allowed to cross the half field line into both the offensive and defensive zone. 


Defensemen use a longer lacrosse stick (6 ft). They are responsible for defending the opposing team's attackmen. 


A goalie is the leader of the defense and should direct the other players while protecting the goal from opponents shots. 


The Field

  • The field is divided into 2 halves by a midfield line and each team defends a goal.
  • The standard lacrosse field is 110 yards long. The goals are 80 yards apart with a playing area of 15 yards behind each goal. The length of the field is divided in half by a center/mid-field line. 
  • There is an area around each goal is called a crease. An opponent is not allowed to enter the crease, but they can reach in with their stick to pick up the ball.


The Field 

The field is divided into three parts by the two restraining lines.

  • The 8-meter arc: an area in front of the goal (there are two, one on each side of the field). Fouls inside the 8-meter result in a free-position. On a free position, everyone has to be outside of the 8-meter arc, even the girl with the ball. A defender cannot stay in the 8-meter for more than three seconds if they are not marking an attacker. 
  • The 12-meter fan: an area in front of the goal, four meters around the 8 meter-arc and 12 meters from the goal circle. 
  • The center circle: a large circle found in the center of the field. The draw is taken in the center of the field inside the circle. 
  • The goal circle/crease: a circle around the goal that only the goalkeeper can enter